Week 1 Blog Post – About Me

Name:                 Georgia Battell

Age:                     18

Course:               Footwear

Favourite Colour:                All things Blue really.

Background:    I’m from Waterford in Southern Ireland. I’ve wanted to study footwear since I can remember.

Influences:      My biggest fashion influences would be the 1950’s era in particular Christian Dior’s collections. My top 3 designer influences I  reckon would be Dior ,KG and Jimmy Choo. However I do love Manolo Blaniks Style of Illustration.

Interests:         I’m a massive Game of Thrones fan not just for the books or tv series but also for the the costume, illustration and set design in the series. I will give practically any type of film or music a go at least once. I’m a frequent reader ,painter and not so frequent  PS3 and online gamer, though I tend to dabble.

Ambitions:        If were talking dreams and “reaching for the stars” (excuse the s club 7 reference) I would love to work for Dior, Jimmy Choo,    KG or Alexander McQueen as they are my idols to an extent. But if they won’t have me then anyone up for my creative  output and if anyone won’t  have me then I’m up for starting up my own label and proving to myself “ Anything is possible if  you just believe.” (Cinderealla Story reference now).

Why I’m Here:   Quite simply to earn my footwear degree, meet a variety of people both slightly crazy And  genius people like me, learn the   tricks of my trade and create memories I will Never  forget  for the rest of my lifetime.


Books of Interest

PALMER ,A (2009) Dior. London V&A Publishing.

BLANIK, M (2010) manolo’s new shoes. London:Thames&Hudson.

Websites of Interest

VINTAGE TRIG (2010) Vintage Trig online vintage fashion [Online]. Available from: http://www.vintagetrig.com/ [Accessed 2/10/13]

VIRTUAL TOURIST.COM INC (1994) Waterford Travel Guide [Online]. Available from: http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Europe/Ireland/County_Waterford/Waterford-294022/TravelGuide-Waterford.html [Accessed 2/10/13]

Digital Image:

Fig.1 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Photo of myself. Digital Image.


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