Evaluation of Blog Tasks



•My knowledge of C.C.S. was rather limited when I began this project. I now have a greater appreciation for Critical Contextual Studies. Analysing various aspects in relation to the fashion design and thought process has sparked further interest for my course.
•By researching for my weekly blog tasks I have found numerous possible sources of inspiration for my own designs in the future.

Overall I have found this module influentially inspiring (though at times particularly challenging) and potentially helpful in my progression to understanding the fashion design idea process.


Fig.1 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Time For Tea Still Life. Digital Image.

Blog Post Week 10 – Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion Blog Task Week – 10

Chosen Item Of Clothing:


Tartan Dress With Peter Pan Collar & Pussy Bow Trimmings.

Product of Atmosphere label for Primark Ltd



Who made it?

Primark Tiendas S.L.U. at Centro Comercial y de Ocio.



Where was it made?

“Parque Corredor” Madrid.

Issues to consider in relation to the sustainability of a garment:

Eco Fashion– Was the garment manufactured in an environmentally sustainable manner?

Ethical Fashion– Has the product been designed with consideration into how its production will benefit both socially and environmentally the fashion industry?

Organic Materials– Was there a minimum use of industrial chemicals and fabrics in production? Was the chemical waste if any disposed of in an appropriate and ethical manner?

Ethical Production – Are the workers paid fairly? Are working conditions and contracted hours followed as per union and human right standards? If children are working there are they treated fairly as per protection acts? Is the working environment safe and within industrial and manufacture regulations?


Consider where the garments fabric materials, natural or synthetic were produced:

Dress – 68% Polyester, 32% Viscose.

Dress Trimmings –  Collar- 68% Cotton, 28% Nylon, 4% Elastane.

Bow-100% Polyester.


Garment is made predominantly from synthetic fibres, which suggests a higher use of industrial and chemical processing.

Where might the materials have been produced?

It is likely that these synthetic fibres were produced in China, as China is the world’s largest producer of Polyester, Viscose and Nylon. Also the garment is a product of Atmosphere for Primark, a brand which buys its materials in bulk. This strategy is presently cheapest through’ economies of scale’ with China due to its current industrial boom. However the materials may also have come from India, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, Uzbekistan and numerous other places.

Useful Websites:

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PRIMARK STORES LTD (2013) What’s New. [Online] Available From: http://www.primark.com/whats-new [Accessed 7/12/13]

Book References:

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Fig.1 GEORGIABATTELL (2013).Tartan Dress. Digital Image.

Fig.2 GEORGIABATTELL (2013).Atmosphere Label. Digital Image.

Fig.3 GEORGIABATTELL (2013).Label Showing Place of Manufacture. Digital Image.

Fig.4 GEORGIABATTELL (2013).Tartan Dress Collar. Digital Image.

Blog Post Week 9 – Fashion Revivals

Revival Blog Post Week – 9

Chosen Design Detail:  Baroque

D&G 1Fig.1

Links to Earlier Design’s:

“Designers looked to the extravagance of the Russian tsars and decorative spirit of the orient.” Sunday Times Style Magazine July 2012.

The embellishment seen in this collection has a strong plasterwork styling link to the work of the widely renowned La Francini brothers of the Georgian interior decor era, plaster craftsmen who were both originally from Florence.

The statement above is correct to say in relation to the Dolce & Gabbana Collection of 2012, but the baroque influence links to much earlier designs in Roman Florentine architecture.


What is the difference between the way this contemporary design detail is used when compared to the earlier examples?

Earlier Examples Of Baroque

Baroque is an artistic style, originally coined in the in Rome Italy to describe certain architectural features. Over time the style spread to most of Europe and over the years .Baroque interior architecture consisted of Stucco plasterwork often finished in gold. The most popular designs were spirals, vinal forms, floral features, bouquets, trumpets, triskeles, and various motifs. These were combined together to create extravagant, rich and luxurious wall detailing’s, niches and ceilings. Baroque style has also been incorporated into musical and painterly techniques over time.



D&G 2Fig.5

Contemporary examples of Baroque

Baroque today has been incorporated by designers into extravagantly embellished garments who have been inspired by the Architectural features of Baroque mainly from the 1500’s.

The Dolce & Gabbana Catwalk Collection AW12 “ALL THE TRIMMINGS” is an excellent example of such detail from the Baroque Architectural movement, with the collections embellishment detailing having strong similarities to the internal décor of the Madre de Deus Church in Lisbon.

D&G 3 Fig.6    CFig.7


How has this altered the meaning/associations of the design detail?

The meaning has been altered of this design feature association. Baroque has been coined into a fashion style term; an embellishment and is no longer a mere architectural feature. If you say I bought a Baroque embellished jacket people immediately think of the embellishments seen through the media in 2012 by designers such as Dolce & Gabbana they don’t mention the ceilings. Baroque today now refers to the decorative elements of the interior architecture which has been incorporated into textile prints and appliqué designs on both the catwalk and high street.

D&G 4Fig.8

Useful Websites:

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Blog Post Week 7 – Fashion Marketing and Brands


Analysis of the Marketing Mix for my chosen store.


Place: Leicester

Price: Illustrated Below

Product: Footwear

Promotion: “Bricks & Mortar Store”


Clarks stores are usually located in the town centre on the high street or in shopping centres and outlet malls. Clarks also provides an excellent online service. However “Bricks & Mortar” shows off the brand as intended by its designers.


The stores use spot lighting to draw attention to the product. Clarks store colour schemes are generally neutral to complement the widest possible variety of footwear colours and to let the shoes speak for themselves. This creates a modern chic and minimalism feel within the store and communicates to the customer that Clarks is current and on trend.


Women’s shoes are displayed at the front of the store as this is Clark’s key market. Men’s shoes are displayed to the far left next of the women’s range, potentially to appeal to a couple markets and occupy the men while the women shop in some cases. Children’s shoes are located in the far right, perhaps to limit kid’s from running in and out of the store while the parents try to sort out back to school shoes etc. E.g. Clarks Shop Leicester, Fosse Park.


Clarks key message is that they are a family friendly store and design shoes for all ages.



Clarks provides a numerous range of shoes and bags for men, women and children.

The price points below tell us that Clarks target market ranges from high street to high end consumers. Clarks is not a low value brand, it is footwear for the upper end of middle value range footwear market.

The current A/W Clarks collections for Men and Women, projects the type of consumer who is young, modern, stylish and country chic as their target market.

Here are some price ranges for Clarks A/W 13 Collections:

          Fig.44  Fig.55

Women’s – £30-£140

Fig.66  Fig.77



Boy’s-£30-50 Girl’s-£20-70

Clarks Children’s A/W Collection 2013

The A/W collection for children shows kid’s being kid’s. But in a similar way to the adult’s, they are outdoors, modern and portraying country chic. This will appeal to the real customer the parents. However colours are used to draw the child’s eye along with treats as the product also has to appeal to the child in order for the parents to buy.

Promotions by Clarks 2013


This promotion is about autumn season discounts, which will appeal to the back to school and Christmas markets. Two of the biggest markets in the industry.

Walk Clarks – Caring For Growing Feet.

TVAD. (2010). Clarks Shoes TV Ad [online video]. Available from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsOguvolh4s [Accessed 13/11/13].

Clarks SS13 – Londoner’s Weekender Away.

CLARKSSHOES. (2013). Clarks Women’s SS13 Collection [online video]. Available from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jXc2k_akqI[Accessed 13/11/13].

Clarks Autumn/Winter 2013 – Life In The Square.

CLARKSSHOES. (2013). Clarks Autumn / Winter – Introducing the Season 2013[online video]. Available from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsSLnlqJ90o[Accessed 13/11/13].

Current Slogan

Clarks – Shoes designed for living.

Target Customer

I would conclude from my research of Clarks that its target market is the higher earning working and business class man, woman or family. The brand is all about shoes made for a purpose, the working and business class is a market entirely about people who are looking for comfort, function and a fashion aspect. Fashion isn’t the most important aspect for these people, the shoe being fit for its intended purpose is what really matters. This target market has the income to pay a bit more for quality and is generally the market with the families, hence these are the people who are buying the back to school shoes for kids, the weekend away new pair of shoes and the out and about reliable town boot.

Clarks Brand Strategy

To offer a variety of orthopaedic, comfortable and supportive footwear i.e. sensible shoes, because there is no such thing as an average shoe shape. Here are some of the Clarks brand specialised foot care ranges: Clarks Originals, Clarks Unstructured, Clarks Wave, Clarks Active Air, Privo Soleassage, Bostonian and Indigos.


Clarks A/W Collection 2013 Idea

Again Clarks is conveying shoes for outdoors, travel, exploration, and unusual locations. They are inspiring customers with idea’s, all about what they could do while wearing a pair of Clarks boots.


Clarks A/W Collection 2013

Clarks are attracting both the child and parents attention with the use of coffee’s and cupcakes. Fun and inviting treats which people often indulge in in after a shop in town. This appealing visual is aimed to create a warm and inviting mood in the consumer whilst looking at the boots displayed, to encourage them to look more closely and to potentially buy them.


Unique Selling Points About Clarks


Clarks shoes are designed to be simple for both men and women. They tend to be a chunky and plain in design. However it is the collections of classic designs which give Clarks its signature quality and craftsmanship which is Clarks unique selling point. Clarks shoes can be worn easily by the older adult. But at the same time by the younger generation who wear the shoes to fit their own unique style.



Clarks is a shoe company which has been designing manufacturing and providing footwear to the high street since 1825 and has been a serious contender in footwear for over 150 years and since its revamp in recent years. Involving collaborations with designers such as Mary Portas and Eley Kishimoto. The appeal to buy Clarks shoes couldn’t be stronger.

Customer Service

One thing that can always be said about Clarks shoes stores is there impeccable service, having been in the shoe industry for so long they seem to have cracked what I think customers want when they shop ‘a happy and reasonably memorable experience’. Back to school at Calrks is always made easier by the service, they measure the kid’s feet, check what width shoes they need and find the appropriate inner soles when needed for the shoes to fit. This is because customer satisfaction matters to Clarks. Another example of this impeccable service would be Clarks ‘Baby’s First Pair of Shoes Service’. The idea being you come to Clarks for your baby’s first pair of shoes, Clarks give you there impeccable service and when baby’s first shoes are picked, they take a picture of you and your little angel to mark the occasion. A service which parents tend to repeat as they like to create the same experience for each of their children, as and when they come along. Clarks offers ‘a happy and reasonably memorable experience’ through its impeccable customer service.




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Digital Images:

Fig.1 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Slogan. Digital Image.

Fig.2 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Shop Display. Digital Image.

Fig.3 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Shop Display Women’s. Digital Image.

Fig.4 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Window Display Women’s. Digital Image.

Fig.5 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Window Display Women’s. Digital Image.

Fig.6 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Window Display Men’s. Digital Image.

Fig.7 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Window Display Men’s. Digital Image.

Fig.8 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Window Display Children’s. Digital Image.

Fig.9 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Window Display Promotional Advertisement. Digital Image.

Fig.10 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Window Display Women’s. Digital Image.

Fig.11 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Window Display Women’s. Digital Image.

Fig.12GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Window Display Children’s. Digital Image.

Fig.13 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Window Display Children’s. Digital Image.

Fig.14 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Clarks Window Display Men’s. Digital Image.

Blog Post Week 6 – Gender and Fashion


Gender and Fashion

I have chosen to discuss the iconic skinny jeans, one of the most widely worn garments today. Worn by both the male and female sex’s in today society.                                                                    





The Skinny Jeans Development

Skinny Jeans is not actually the correct name for these pants; it is a modern day slang name for what were once called slim-fit pants. This garment was designed in the 1800’s by Levi Strauss along with other jean cut styles such as roomy.

Slim-fits were reintroduced in the 1950’s by Levi, and took full flight in their fashion iconism through the countercultures and beatnik generation. In following years they became key features of both the rock and punk fashion scene. Hype faded in the 90’s for the trend, but it came back even stronger in new millennium in retaliation to the baggy jean trend of the 90’s. This is when slim-fits became known as the modernised skinny Jeans. In recent years skinnies have been developed further and designed in more flattering figure shapes for the individual and in a diverse range of colours, textures and patterns.

How is this item gendered?

‘Jeans came about by chance, when an American pioneer in search of a strong pair of trousers happened to meet an immigrant…to make his fortune.’

Jeans were created for labour work. They were designed with the American miner, cattle herder and rail tracks layer in mind. All of which were male based society jobs at the time.

It wasn’t until World War I and more so in World War II that women began to wear this durable piece of clothing designed nearly 100 years earlier.

Since then this garment has become a unisex piece of attire.

The fashion edge to this garment wasn’t fully explored or introduced until the 1950’s when Levi chose to modernize the garment to suit the developing subculture trends at this time.



Is this the same in all countries?

America is where the trend truly began and in the following years during the 1950’s, the garments interest was carried across to European countries through the use of film, music and television.

This in turn embedded skinnies (slim-fit) worldwide in the fashion industry, where they remain today.



Designers who may have challenged the items original gender convention?

The brand that created the skinny (slim-fit) as always been its developer.

The Levi brand under the leadership of Walter Haas Jr., Peter Haas, Ed Combs, and Mel Bacharach, challenged the skinny jeans original image. In particular during the 1950’s, 1960’s and the 1970’s, with developments such as white wash jeans.

What does it mean to be ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ in our contemporary culture?

The differentiation between feminine and masculine in our contemporary culture has in my opinion become entirely perceptional. What one person sees as feminine, another sees as masculine, the gender perception is all about your own perspective. If you see something as feminine, then it is and vice versa because gender today is based on the individual’s opinion. What used to be by a definition defined by the majority is now being redefined by the minority.

Feminine and masculine gender today is what we, ourselves make it.


Has the meaning changed?

The meaning has changed drastically since we as people decided to create these divisions.

For example blue was originally for girls and pink for boys as babies, but today pink is for girls and blue for boys. Gender in this respect has done a complete 360 turn around.

In my opinion gender will always have basic ideas, but will never stop diversifying, because the perception of  gender develops  as people’s individual opinions  develop.

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Blog Post Week 5 – Semiotic Analysis of a Fashion Advertising Campaign

Ralph Lauren Advertising Campaign Spring Summer 2011

Fig1- Fig.4

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What does it symbolise?

The ad symbolises sophisticated outdoor fashion, lifetime investment pieces, classic and timeless fashion pieces, modern day western cowgirl chic.

What does the brand say about the people who wear it?

It tells us that they’re outgoing, unique, intellectual, practical, hardworking, fashion conscious, self-assured people.

How does the advert convey the identity of the brand?

Well made, quality, American, timeless/classic, quality leather goods.

Brand Message

Natural quality materials used to create classic fashion pieces.

The heels, belts and bags specialist.

What signifiers/symbols does the advert contain?

White background– the sole focus in the ad is the quality of the clothes.

Brown– writing American Western Heritage feel.

Model– Signifies the prospective customer and gives the message that people who wear these cloths are confident, elegant and not afraid to work.

Belt Buckle Designs– Show creativity, quality, and the brands heritage influence.

What do these signifiers stand for?

They stand for the brand image Ralph Lauren wants to promote to his target market.

How effectively is the ‘brand message’ communicated?

I think the brand image is communicated clearly.

When you hear the name Ralph Lauren, I personally believe you look at the brand logo and think Texas chic, timeless fashion pieces and intellectual hardworking customers.


Text & Position: The text is kept to a minimum and placed in the bottom, top and in painting contexts the golden section of the composition. The sole focus is the brand merchandise.

Typography: Brush Script and Times New Roman. This communicates the elegant and timeless quality of the brand, they don’t need to make a flashy ad the product speaks for itself.

Colours: Browns, creams, beige’s, whites and metallic. Classic timeless colours that never go out of style. They also communicate the natural, earthy, ethnic, western and tribal inspiration for the AW11 Spring Summer Collection.

The Pose of the model:

The pose of the model is very versatile; she has been dressed naturally to enable the customer of the brand to picture themself wearing the cloths. I think this is done so you can interpret the brand in whatever way you want. To me she depicts class, confidence, individuality, intellect, wealth, a fashion forward mind and country chic.

Story line interpretation:

When I see this ad I picture the model getting ready for the day. The classic old reliable shoes are on the bed waiting to be strapped on for the day to come. Her bag is in the hall ready for the day reliable, stylish and durable. The belt buckles are on the dresser and she has just picked her look for the day. She is posed as if looking into a mirror having decided she is now ready to face the future. This figure is calm, confident, real and natural. All of which are key qualities and aspects within Ralph Lauren products in my opinion.

Video Reference

RHALPH LAUREN (2011) Spring Summer [Online Video]. Available From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCA7REwFyh0 [Accessed 1/11/13]

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Week 4 Blog Post – Youth Subcultures

The Hippie Sub-cultural Movement.  


Fig.1 COUNTRCULTUR (2012) Hippies [Online Image].Available from: http://www.countrcultur.com/thehippies.htm[Accessed 24/10/13]

Brief Overview

The Hippie subculture was originally a youth movement that began in the United States during the middle of 1960s and eventually spread worldwide. The term Hippie came from hipster originally used to describe beatniks who emigrated to New York City’s Greenwich Village and San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district. The subculture was a combination of the Hipsters Subculture from the 1940’s America and the Bohemian lifestyle of the late 1800’s associated with the academic.


Fig.2 RICHARD GROSSER (2011) Jimi Hendrix [Online Image].Available from:http://rikigo.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/jimi-hendrix-guitar-list.html[Accessed 24/10/13]

Jimi Hendrix

I have chosen to write my Blog on Jimi Hendrix has he encapsulates the essence of the Hippie subculture and is world renowned for his ethnic and bohemian style.

Theories/Topics Associated with chosen Subculture in relation to Hendrix.

Being a hippie is a matter of accepting a universal belief system that extends beyond the social, political, and moral norms of any established structure of society, be it a class, church, or government.

Hippies created their own communities, listened to psychedelic rock, embraced the sexual revolution and some explored altered states of consciousness through the use of hallucinogenic drugs.

Jimi Hendrix fronted many of these contexts within both his music and lifestyle throughout his musical career at this time.

His Style

The dictionary defines a hippie as one who doesn’t conform to society’s standards and advocates a liberal attitude and lifestyle. I think this describes Jimi Hendrix’s lifestyle perfectly.

When one mentions the name Jimi Hendrix events such as Woodstock, the summer of love, the war in Vietnam and the iconic image of Hendrix in a Napoleonic style blazer will often come to mind.

He is most commonly photographed during this revolutionary period in America wearing flared jeans, distressed denim, fringed shirts and relaxed bohemian stylized prints.

There was one colour in particular that Jimi Hendrix would often wear Purple, a colour said to imply creativity, individuality, immaturity and recklessness. Perhaps this was one of Jimi Hendrix’s numerous ways to make a statement and to tell the world his cultural beliefs, as he did so often through his music to the world.

Has the Original meaning been lost?

Certainly. Hippie’s used to resemble people trying to make a change in the world to make it a better place for the progress to come. Today however Hippies are more commonly referred to as wasters, lost in a time portal of 1960’s and 1970’s euphoric music, determined to halt progress because the world has not yet diverted to a more natural way of life and instead has steered head long into a society filled with an ever increasing man made industry. Involving technology and military arms.

However in many ways the world has become more accepting to issues highlighted by Hippies decades before. For example topics such as the war in Vietnam, sexuality, religion, freedom of speech and the environment have changed drastically in the last few decades and opinions now lean to similar opinions of that of many Hippies during the 60’s and 70’s.

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Week 3 Blog Post – Newspaper Article Observation


Fig.1 Matt Mensley (2012) Urbanears Harris Tweed Plattan Headphones [Online Image]. Available from: http://www.departures-international.com/nc/sections/post/stately-sounds.html  [Accessed 17/10/13].


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British Fashion warms to Wool

Wool Week-What is it?

Wool week is a global campaign for the Woollen industry started by his royal highness the Prince of Wales in a bid to inform consumers of the natural and economically sustainable benefits offered by wool which takes place in October.

The Campaign for wool (2010) Wool Week Campaign [Online].Available from: http://www.campaignforwool.org/ [Accessed 17/10/13].

British Woollen Industry

Britain has a long history within the woollen industry with a wider variety of wool producing breeds in its fields than anywhere else in the world and the most native breeds at that. The most well-known sheep breeds being the Shaggy Devon and Cornwall Longwool, the Beulah Speckled Face and the unusually named Striped Zwartables.

thegaurdian (2013) It’s Wool Week… [Online] Available from: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/oct/14/wool-week-great-british-industry?INTCMP=ILCNETTXT3487[Accessed 17/10/13].

 Harris Tweed

The most famous and internationally known woollen commodity from Britain is Harris Tweed cloth which has been woven by islanders in the Outer Hebrides of Northern Scotland since the 18thcentury. The production of this precious and protected commodity has risen in manufacture by four times its value since 2009.

WIKIPEDIA (2013) Harris Tweed [Online] Available from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harris_Tweed[Accessed 17/10/13].

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THOMPSON, F (1969) The story of Hebridean Industry. New Abbot: David &Charles.

But the question on the fashion industries minds is will it continue to do so?

Recent reports in the fashion industry seem to suggest it’s here to stay, with the rise in demand for this historic British commodity leading to another eight woollen mills opening within Britain over the past decade. Bringing the total number of workers in the British wool industry to 6,000.

DEY, I. (2013) World warms to wool. The Sunday Times, 13th Oct, pp. Available From: http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/business/Retail_and_leisure/article1326878.ece

But what caused this Resurgence of demand for Harris Tweed?

Could it be that Vivienne Westwood’s 80’S ‘The Pagan Years Collection’ with this infamous cloth has made a comeback with the rise of interest in vintage attire and the fashion world’s current love for heritage chic. I say completely, the market speaks for itself with brands such as Next, Topman, DM and Sony all buying in to the British Heritage Frenzy.                                                                                  Not only is the fashion and interior industry inundated with this Heritage Chic, but T.V. series such as Dr. Who, Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife and Bomb Girls are all sporting the classic Harris Tweed weaves, all of which are world-wide and internationally acclaimed programmes.

Vivienne Westwood (1988) The Pagan Years Collection [Online]. Available from: http://www.viviennewestwood.co.uk/w/the-story/the-pagan-years[Accessed 18/10/13].

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BBC News The Fashionable rise of Harris tweed (2013) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3UlFcu6ufc  BBC News TV Clip. Directed by BBCWorldNews225.BBC.

However with issues such as recession in previous years and the national campaigns to encourage consumers to buy the best of British it’s not surprising that people are starting to buy this historic commodity again. If I am honest I’m surprised the resurgence of the Woollen Industry hasn’t happened at a more Global and rapid rate. Considering that both Harris Tweed and wool are so frequently within the public eye.

Additional References

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Wool week campaign Info

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Week 2 Blog Post – Poster of Object : Cloud & Rainbow Shoe

Object Poster C.C.S.Fig.1

5 Keywords to describe my object:

Fluorescent, Flamboyant, Futuristic, Seasonal, Quirky.

Poster Bibliography


THEA CADABRA (1984) Cloud & Rainbow Shoe [Online Image].Available from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/northampton_museum/3969102698/in/set-72157626292750406[Accessed [6/10/13]

Object Designer

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80’s Influences on object

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Modern influences related to Object

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Elements of Composition

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Chosen Objects Materials, Colours & Stiches

ROWENA.TYPEPAD (2012) Zig Zag Stiches [Online Image].Available from: http://rowena.typepad.com/photos/satinstitch_applique_by_m/ssprep2.html [Accessed12/10/13]

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Digital Image:

Fig.1 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Chosen Object Poster. Digital Image.

Week 1 Blog Post – About Me

Name:                 Georgia Battell

Age:                     18

Course:               Footwear

Favourite Colour:                All things Blue really.

Background:    I’m from Waterford in Southern Ireland. I’ve wanted to study footwear since I can remember.

Influences:      My biggest fashion influences would be the 1950’s era in particular Christian Dior’s collections. My top 3 designer influences I  reckon would be Dior ,KG and Jimmy Choo. However I do love Manolo Blaniks Style of Illustration.

Interests:         I’m a massive Game of Thrones fan not just for the books or tv series but also for the the costume, illustration and set design in the series. I will give practically any type of film or music a go at least once. I’m a frequent reader ,painter and not so frequent  PS3 and online gamer, though I tend to dabble.

Ambitions:        If were talking dreams and “reaching for the stars” (excuse the s club 7 reference) I would love to work for Dior, Jimmy Choo,    KG or Alexander McQueen as they are my idols to an extent. But if they won’t have me then anyone up for my creative  output and if anyone won’t  have me then I’m up for starting up my own label and proving to myself “ Anything is possible if  you just believe.” (Cinderealla Story reference now).

Why I’m Here:   Quite simply to earn my footwear degree, meet a variety of people both slightly crazy And  genius people like me, learn the   tricks of my trade and create memories I will Never  forget  for the rest of my lifetime.


Books of Interest

PALMER ,A (2009) Dior. London V&A Publishing.

BLANIK, M (2010) manolo’s new shoes. London:Thames&Hudson.

Websites of Interest

VINTAGE TRIG (2010) Vintage Trig online vintage fashion [Online]. Available from: http://www.vintagetrig.com/ [Accessed 2/10/13]

VIRTUAL TOURIST.COM INC (1994) Waterford Travel Guide [Online]. Available from: http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Europe/Ireland/County_Waterford/Waterford-294022/TravelGuide-Waterford.html [Accessed 2/10/13]

Digital Image:

Fig.1 GEORGIABATTELL (2013). Photo of myself. Digital Image.