Blog Post Week 7 – Fashion Marketing and Brands


Analysis of the Marketing Mix for my chosen store.


Place: Leicester

Price: Illustrated Below

Product: Footwear

Promotion: “Bricks & Mortar Store”


Clarks stores are usually located in the town centre on the high street or in shopping centres and outlet malls. Clarks also provides an excellent online service. However “Bricks & Mortar” shows off the brand as intended by its designers.


The stores use spot lighting to draw attention to the product. Clarks store colour schemes are generally neutral to complement the widest possible variety of footwear colours and to let the shoes speak for themselves. This creates a modern chic and minimalism feel within the store and communicates to the customer that Clarks is current and on trend.


Women’s shoes are displayed at the front of the store as this is Clark’s key market. Men’s shoes are displayed to the far left next of the women’s range, potentially to appeal to a couple markets and occupy the men while the women shop in some cases. Children’s shoes are located in the far right, perhaps to limit kid’s from running in and out of the store while the parents try to sort out back to school shoes etc. E.g. Clarks Shop Leicester, Fosse Park.


Clarks key message is that they are a family friendly store and design shoes for all ages.



Clarks provides a numerous range of shoes and bags for men, women and children.

The price points below tell us that Clarks target market ranges from high street to high end consumers. Clarks is not a low value brand, it is footwear for the upper end of middle value range footwear market.

The current A/W Clarks collections for Men and Women, projects the type of consumer who is young, modern, stylish and country chic as their target market.

Here are some price ranges for Clarks A/W 13 Collections:

          Fig.44  Fig.55

Women’s – £30-£140

Fig.66  Fig.77



Boy’s-£30-50 Girl’s-£20-70

Clarks Children’s A/W Collection 2013

The A/W collection for children shows kid’s being kid’s. But in a similar way to the adult’s, they are outdoors, modern and portraying country chic. This will appeal to the real customer the parents. However colours are used to draw the child’s eye along with treats as the product also has to appeal to the child in order for the parents to buy.

Promotions by Clarks 2013


This promotion is about autumn season discounts, which will appeal to the back to school and Christmas markets. Two of the biggest markets in the industry.

Walk Clarks – Caring For Growing Feet.

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Clarks SS13 – Londoner’s Weekender Away.

CLARKSSHOES. (2013). Clarks Women’s SS13 Collection [online video]. Available from:[Accessed 13/11/13].

Clarks Autumn/Winter 2013 – Life In The Square.

CLARKSSHOES. (2013). Clarks Autumn / Winter – Introducing the Season 2013[online video]. Available from:[Accessed 13/11/13].

Current Slogan

Clarks – Shoes designed for living.

Target Customer

I would conclude from my research of Clarks that its target market is the higher earning working and business class man, woman or family. The brand is all about shoes made for a purpose, the working and business class is a market entirely about people who are looking for comfort, function and a fashion aspect. Fashion isn’t the most important aspect for these people, the shoe being fit for its intended purpose is what really matters. This target market has the income to pay a bit more for quality and is generally the market with the families, hence these are the people who are buying the back to school shoes for kids, the weekend away new pair of shoes and the out and about reliable town boot.

Clarks Brand Strategy

To offer a variety of orthopaedic, comfortable and supportive footwear i.e. sensible shoes, because there is no such thing as an average shoe shape. Here are some of the Clarks brand specialised foot care ranges: Clarks Originals, Clarks Unstructured, Clarks Wave, Clarks Active Air, Privo Soleassage, Bostonian and Indigos.


Clarks A/W Collection 2013 Idea

Again Clarks is conveying shoes for outdoors, travel, exploration, and unusual locations. They are inspiring customers with idea’s, all about what they could do while wearing a pair of Clarks boots.


Clarks A/W Collection 2013

Clarks are attracting both the child and parents attention with the use of coffee’s and cupcakes. Fun and inviting treats which people often indulge in in after a shop in town. This appealing visual is aimed to create a warm and inviting mood in the consumer whilst looking at the boots displayed, to encourage them to look more closely and to potentially buy them.


Unique Selling Points About Clarks


Clarks shoes are designed to be simple for both men and women. They tend to be a chunky and plain in design. However it is the collections of classic designs which give Clarks its signature quality and craftsmanship which is Clarks unique selling point. Clarks shoes can be worn easily by the older adult. But at the same time by the younger generation who wear the shoes to fit their own unique style.



Clarks is a shoe company which has been designing manufacturing and providing footwear to the high street since 1825 and has been a serious contender in footwear for over 150 years and since its revamp in recent years. Involving collaborations with designers such as Mary Portas and Eley Kishimoto. The appeal to buy Clarks shoes couldn’t be stronger.

Customer Service

One thing that can always be said about Clarks shoes stores is there impeccable service, having been in the shoe industry for so long they seem to have cracked what I think customers want when they shop ‘a happy and reasonably memorable experience’. Back to school at Calrks is always made easier by the service, they measure the kid’s feet, check what width shoes they need and find the appropriate inner soles when needed for the shoes to fit. This is because customer satisfaction matters to Clarks. Another example of this impeccable service would be Clarks ‘Baby’s First Pair of Shoes Service’. The idea being you come to Clarks for your baby’s first pair of shoes, Clarks give you there impeccable service and when baby’s first shoes are picked, they take a picture of you and your little angel to mark the occasion. A service which parents tend to repeat as they like to create the same experience for each of their children, as and when they come along. Clarks offers ‘a happy and reasonably memorable experience’ through its impeccable customer service.




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