Blog Post Week 10 – Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion Blog Task Week – 10

Chosen Item Of Clothing:


Tartan Dress With Peter Pan Collar & Pussy Bow Trimmings.

Product of Atmosphere label for Primark Ltd



Who made it?

Primark Tiendas S.L.U. at Centro Comercial y de Ocio.



Where was it made?

“Parque Corredor” Madrid.

Issues to consider in relation to the sustainability of a garment:

Eco Fashion– Was the garment manufactured in an environmentally sustainable manner?

Ethical Fashion– Has the product been designed with consideration into how its production will benefit both socially and environmentally the fashion industry?

Organic Materials– Was there a minimum use of industrial chemicals and fabrics in production? Was the chemical waste if any disposed of in an appropriate and ethical manner?

Ethical Production – Are the workers paid fairly? Are working conditions and contracted hours followed as per union and human right standards? If children are working there are they treated fairly as per protection acts? Is the working environment safe and within industrial and manufacture regulations?


Consider where the garments fabric materials, natural or synthetic were produced:

Dress – 68% Polyester, 32% Viscose.

Dress Trimmings –  Collar- 68% Cotton, 28% Nylon, 4% Elastane.

Bow-100% Polyester.


Garment is made predominantly from synthetic fibres, which suggests a higher use of industrial and chemical processing.

Where might the materials have been produced?

It is likely that these synthetic fibres were produced in China, as China is the world’s largest producer of Polyester, Viscose and Nylon. Also the garment is a product of Atmosphere for Primark, a brand which buys its materials in bulk. This strategy is presently cheapest through’ economies of scale’ with China due to its current industrial boom. However the materials may also have come from India, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey, Uzbekistan and numerous other places.

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